About the Project

I'm one of those guys photo editors complain about. I've spent years traveling around the world to photograph in exotic locations, when as the editors like to say, "There are great pictures to be made right in your own backyard!"

And come to think of it, there really is a lot going on in my backyard, or at least in my back alley. Fugitives from justice have fled down my alley pursued by Baltimore City Police helicopters. A young guy with a badly cut hand once left a trail of blood down my alley which stretched for 1/4 mile (I followed it the whole way!) Angry adolescents smoking cigarettes, teenage moms, red-haired research scientists, museum curators, hip musicians-- all pass down my alley. After watching this parade continue for years, I decided that the photo editors were right, and this project was born.

So now, whenever the mood strikes and the weather cooperates, I will set up a little studio right on my parking pad beside the alley. And then I wait for my subjects to appear. It usually doesn't take very long.

About Dennis

Hi, I'm Dennis Drenner, the guy who took these photos as well as built the website. My family has roots in Baltimore stretching back to the day my great-great-grandfather stepped off a boat from Germany with his French horn. (Years later he used that same instrument to woo my great-great grandmother, and so it began).

I've lived in or around Baltimore for most of my life, have called Hampden home for over 10 years, and have been a professional photographer for over 20. More about that on my photography website.

If you would like to contact me, please send an email to dennis@dennisdrennerphotographs.com.

Follow, or Take Part

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I share one image of my choosing per session, via email. You are welcome to use the photo however you like, and I'll even send you a hi res version in case you want to get a print made.